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Puzzle Text Adventure for Dummies is my first game I've ever developed and released, so it's a huge milestone for me. The whole thing has been coded in DarkBasic Professional. As such, I have encountered some errors in running the game on some PC's, but for the most part, it works. Just be aware. As far as the game is concerned, it's a text-based puzzle game made to toy with the player's head. I hope you enjoy it, and please, leave any feedback you may have.

Install instructions

Once downloaded, you'll have to extract the folder from the .zip file using software such as 7Zip or winRAR (the ladder is recommended) and then you should be able to run the game through the .exe contained in the main folder. If any issues are encountered, please let me know and I'll do my best to help you out.


PTAfD.zip 2 MB

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